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Art that Heals!

I have always been convinced that art heals! Something about drawing, painting, crafting, or writing allows you to become transformed. Art connects you to your subconscious. The purest form of symbolism! Symbolism in art connects us to our subconscious mind. This process unlocks healing and hope in areas where we need it most. Art connects us to our feelings, in a way that is gentle and pure.
“Creativity is the Light that Illuminates the Soul” — Kristin Alana

 Let the healing power of art illuminate you!

Local Communities and healthcare facilities are incorporating art to aid the people they serve. Offering hope and healing they are making a difference.

“The Art of Healing” at the Smilow Cancer Hospital. This video shows evidence based research on the power of art, and the effect it has on cancer patients at the Smilow Cancer Hospital.

Broad Street Ministries in Philadelphia, Pa offers art therapy programs to At-Risk Youth.

Both programs encourage me to continue the development of art healing programs in my community!!


Poem: Dream at the Temple of Dendera….a Regression

Dream at the Temple of Dendera……..a regression

Bouquets of myrrh and lotus line my neck

Flute players serenade me as I dance

Pillars made of Carnelian surround the Great Seat

Adorned with celestial images of the Guardians

Ceremoniously, I bathe in sacred pools of healing

Water made holy with words of magic

Paying homage at the shrine of Menat

I rest on the roof under Lapis Lazuli skies

Gilded mirrors catch glimpses of the morning Sun

  I wake

© Kristin Alana

Poem: Affirmations of a Priestess

“Affirmations of a Priestess”

I walk down corridors of Carnelian

Grounded by your energetic hues

My heart is strung with Topaz

Tying my emotions to joy

My love is bathed in Emerald

I feel with the heart of Venus

My aura is filled with Turquoise

Balancing my affections with protection

My eyes are made of Lapis Lazuli

I see with truth and clarity

My pillow is made of moonstones

I sleep in lunar reflection

My mirror reflects Jacinth

I behold my image of beauty

My intuition Is dressed with agate

Adorning my perceptions

I blend amethyst alchemically

Transmuting illusions into insight*

My retinas are made of beryl

I perceive with 20/20

My armor is made of onyx

An unpenatrable shield to danger

My spine is attuned with jasper

Grounded to earth; aligned with heaven.

© Kristin Alana

Poem: Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze

I hear her calling me

The ocean you know?

I feel the wind calling me

Do you hear her?

The wisdom of her shores

Wraps my heart up in her undertow

Waves crashing…. sandy shores

Ancestral voices calling me home

I hear you.

© Kristin Alana

Poem: “Fat Quarter Freedom”

Fat Quarter Freedom

Hand-stitched heartstrings

Quilted Love on Fat Quarter Hearts

Communion of the needle

Hand-sewing the path to freedom

Homespun fabric with ancestral lockets

Warm Whispers in the whirlwind

Stitched Stories of the swamps path

Redemption Craft.

© Kristin Alana