Poem: Affirmations of a Priestess

“Affirmations of a Priestess”

I walk down corridors of Carnelian

Grounded by your energetic hues

My heart is strung with Topaz

Tying my emotions to joy

My love is bathed in Emerald

I feel with the heart of Venus

My aura is filled with Turquoise

Balancing my affections with protection

My eyes are made of Lapis Lazuli

I see with truth and clarity

My pillow is made of moonstones

I sleep in lunar reflection

My mirror reflects Jacinth

I behold my image of beauty

My intuition Is dressed with agate

Adorning my perceptions

I blend amethyst alchemically

Transmuting illusions into insight*

My retinas are made of beryl

I perceive with 20/20

My armor is made of onyx

An unpenatrable shield to danger

My spine is attuned with jasper

Grounded to earth; aligned with heaven.

© Kristin Alana


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