Art that Heals!

I have always been convinced that art heals! Something about drawing, painting, crafting, or writing allows you to become transformed. Art connects you to your subconscious. The purest form of symbolism! Symbolism in art connects us to our subconscious mind. This process unlocks healing and hope in areas where we need it most. Art connects us to our feelings, in a way that is gentle and pure.
“Creativity is the Light that Illuminates the Soul” — Kristin Alana

 Let the healing power of art illuminate you!

Local Communities and healthcare facilities are incorporating art to aid the people they serve. Offering hope and healing they are making a difference.

“The Art of Healing” at the Smilow Cancer Hospital. This video shows evidence based research on the power of art, and the effect it has on cancer patients at the Smilow Cancer Hospital.

Broad Street Ministries in Philadelphia, Pa offers art therapy programs to At-Risk Youth.

Both programs encourage me to continue the development of art healing programs in my community!!


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