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Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today is my 29th birthday, it will be a quiet one with the boys and myself celebrating and refocusing for the next year. The great thing about this birthday is that it falls on a New Moon. So for me this is a big deal….a new moon on my birthday. That just whispers manifestation time to me!

I have learned New Moons are wonderful times to create a wish list of objectives you want to complete before the next moon cycle. So that is what I did! Oh and I will be making some new adjustments to my site soon!!

Peace and Blessings,



Abundance Journals — Love Theme

Abundance Journals -- Love Theme

Altered Composition Book

I really enjoyed making this book. I love everything that has to do with love, so a book that I can keep all of my notes and ephemera in pertaining to this subject is a great thing!

Abundance Journals

Abundance Journals

Altered Composition Book