“Snow White and The Huntsman” 3 things I learned from this modern fable

“Snow White and The Huntsman” Review

Snow White: Kristen Stewart
Huntsman: Chris Hemsworth
Ravenna (Queen): Charlize Theron

I finally dragged myself to go see “Snow White and the Huntsman” I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the movie. Not being a super big fan of Kristen Stewart, I still enjoyed her performance.

Rituals, Myth and Magick were at the forefront of “Snow White”. If you pay close attention and can get past the “man” in the mirror (for a second I thought Michael Jacksons’s hologram was going to appear from under that golden sheet)…I digress. If you look closely at The Golden Mirror you will see inscriptions that look like runes surrounding the frame of the mirror. Between that and her black crow meditations we can all get the impression that this movie has some elements of dark magic.

Aside from the Queen eating the hearts and innards of birds, and sucking the life force out of beautiful maidens in her kingdom, we know that “Snow White” has a happy ending. A few twists and surprises are in store along the way, but I say two thumbs up for “Snow White and the Huntsman”

Three things I learned from “Snow White and the Huntsman”

1. Always sleep with one eye open.
2. Things are not always what they seem.
3. Let the light you shine, overpower the darkness.



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