Adventures at the Meeker Mansion: Psychic Fair and Flair

Adventures at the Meeker Mansion: Psychic Fair and Flair

Meeker Mansion was the 19th century home to Eliza Meeker, a pioneer in the Puyallup, WA community. This place is gorgeous and brimming to the bit with historical information. It is so fun to see new places, and this by far was no exception! When I entered the mansion I was greeted by a lovely lady who showed me the layout, and I was surprised that their were over 20+ psychics and intuitive readers inside the mansion. In each area their was a lineup of clients waiting to sit and get a reading done.

I had a reading done by Raea Sunshine who is a talented psychic. She calls herself a psychic for psychics, and I believe her. She is honest, direct and holds no punches. She gives it to you straight….no chaser! That is what I needed…lol.  She performed my reading without the use of any oracle tools (tarot). She just read my different chakra points….from the crown all the way down! Let me tell you she was on point. I truly enjoyed her reading, and will be back. If you are looking for a psychic I highly recommend her.

I then walked to the up stairs of the mansion to find a man who was selling these powerful pieces of artwork. His company is called Living Light Alchemy. Each time I picked up one of his hand crafted talismans I felt the vibrations in my hand electrify. He truly takes pride in producing wonderful healing instruments that can be used during meditation, and for healing sessions.

From the nineteenth century vibe that the mansion provided and the mysticism that I experienced inside the Meeker Mansion I know I will be back for the next Psychic Fair event!

To contact Raea Sunshine go to her website

To contact Living Light Alchemy go to his website

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2 thoughts on “Adventures at the Meeker Mansion: Psychic Fair and Flair

  1. judithvanpraag July 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm Reply

    Hi Krissy, Thanks for putting the mansion to our attention. The visit you describe sure is intriguing, it made me think of Haunting Jasmine a novel by Anjali Banerjee. Probably because she gave a presentation in what some say is a haunted house on the Peninsula. Check out the trailer on her website, you’ll see what I mean. I’ll be sure to visit the mansion in Puyallup!

  2. kristinalana July 15, 2012 at 7:59 pm Reply

    I will check it out! Let me know about the mansion…It was alot of fun to visit!

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