Movie Review: Sedona


This cute film is a funny look at Sedona, Arizona. I have been wanting to visit there for quote some time, and decided to rent this movie as a nice feel good movie for a Saturday afternoon. The movie is cute but the message is powerful. Basically to sum it up in one sentence. You have to slow down in order to hear what your Spirit is saying!

In this movie Frances Fisher finds herself stuck in the city of Sedona. Is it Divine Providence or as she views it..a messed up inconvenience to her perfectly polished power suit wearing position as an ad executive. The city of Sedona plays a powerful opponent to her, keeping her in the city by a number of inconvenient circumstances. The other star in this film is Seth Peterson, who is alot like his co-star caught up in the monotonous rat race of a high powering position, so busy chasing the perceived value of keeping with the joneses, he cannot see the true treasure that he already has within his family.

By the end of the movie their is a really nice surprise that ties in all of the story elements. I was definitely shocked by it!! So if you want a cute little movie, with a positive message rent or buy Sedona……oh and I can’t wait to visit the city. I will keep you posted……

Trailer from the movie




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