Movie Review: Astral City: A Spiritual Journey

Astral City

I recently came across a movie titled “Astral City” it immediately intrigued me because it was based off of a book written by “Chico Xavier”. I never heard of him before but I thought I would give the movie a chance. It was a wonderful movie about spiritual topics mainly focusing on the soul’s journey after death. The story follows Dr. Andres as he makes his journey from death to the spiritual world. His first stop is unlikely it is pretty much a place that we would think of as a hell. He is then rescued by the people of light who live as the movie calls it “Our Home”. Once he arrives there he is feeling a little awkward and unsure of the way “Our Home” works, he is caught up in his “earthy diplomas” and think they mean something in this heavenly place. The movie follows him as he learns what life truly means, even if the lesson is learned after death!

Definitely worth a watch, even though it is in Spanish sub-titles.


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