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I AM MOVING…well sorta!!! LOL

In a hopes to remain somewhat organized in the New Year, I have decided to move my new age, metaphysical and spiritual book reviews and articles to my website.

This site will be home to my illustrations and artwork from now on….or maybe not!! Anyway, if you want to know about my book reviews, oracle decks and whatnot….check me out by clicking below


Other than that pardon my dust as I rearrange a little bit!!! Thanks!!


December TBR List

This month my TBR list is kind of long!!! I don’t know if it’s because I have so much to do, or if it’s the upcoming holidays but I am super uber busy.

Check out my list of a few books I will be reviewing this month, and also hold my hand (In spirit…lol) as I continue this juice fast…..

In Love and Grace

~Kristin Alana

If pantyhose could talk…Krissy Comic # 2




In between work, book reviews and movies…I found time to make another comic….If pantyhose could talk? Hope you enjoy!

~Kris Bliss

Book Review: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

I recently finished Octavia Butler’s book “Wild Seed” I look forward to the rest of the series!!!! It was phenomenal, check out my video for more information on the book, and my experience.

Work In Progress & Updates

Well this morning has been relatively busy, but I got a few minutes of down time at work to rough out some sketches, for a little side project I am working on.

Mermaid...Work In Progress

Updates :

Krissy Comics will continue this afternoon, the next installment….I think it’s cute but you know that’s just me.

Coming up tomorrow I have a couple of book reviews to catch up on…..I have been a busy busy little bee lately.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!