Who is Kristin Alana?
Author. Artist. Intuitive

Simply put I am a creative soul! I express myself in many different ways, but the theme is always the same!

The power of love & exuberant joy.

These two themes drive my life  

The Short Bio:

Kristin Alana is a priestess, poet, artist, author, intuitive, storyteller, and metaphysical book and movie reviewer.

She also counsels people of all ages, her clients nicknamed her the “Priestess of Hearts” because of the gentle, compassionate way she delivers truth during her readings. When asked what drives her spiritual practice she oftentimes replies “Love is my Doctrine and Joy is my Theology” . She is dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and spreading Infinite Love wherever she goes. She also counsels people on the power of symbolism, love, forgiveness, manifestation and prayer.

She is an initiated Ankh carrying Kemetic Priestess and Nganga (Bantu) Water Healer. She works with various healing modalities during her intuitive readings, prayers, writing and metaphysical artwork.

The Longer Version
As an Intuitive….
I have a long line of ancestors who were and are intuitive’s. As an intuitive I am able to feel, see and sense things around people, places and environments. My dreams are oftentimes prophetic filled with premonitions and symbolism.

I have studied various spiritual traditions and been initiated into two as a Kemetic and Bantu minister/leader. I have also completed coursework with Robert Moss dream intensive. As a student of Divine Spirit I get messages, and I am able to interpret them for myself and for others.

Whether you call this coincidence or phenomenon it is my gift. I am a seer and dreamer and since I was young I have always had a connection with Spirit that has been rewarding and joyful.

I offer intuitive consultations that are compassionate and empowering. My goal is to show people how to get back in touch with Divine Spirit, and align yourself with your greatest good.

As an Author….

As a lifelong student of religious and spiritual studies, the information I have learned and studied across so many traditions is just welling up inside of me, and I have to let it out!!! LOL. Not to mention I am an avid reader with a library of hardback and paperback books that would make your average bookstore blush, and an amazon kindle library that is ridiculously overflowing. I am now adding my books to the collection. “The Holy Book of Bliss” soon to be released in Winter 2012, is a collection of jubilant proverbs about life, joy and the pursuit of happiness. More information coming soon…….

As an Artist………

Artist Statement:
Inspiration: I breathe “IN” life and breathe out the creative interpretations of what I experience. I call this “Bearing Witness”. I am a Poet, Artist and Author. As a self-taught artist I am inspired by the human experience, and divine nature of Spirit. I am referred to as “The Priestess of heArts” because of my passion for art; and for the metaphysical principles found in my poetry, illustrations, and sculptures.
As a child I worked alongside my mother in her flower shop. This is where I saw the magic and beauty of nature and creation. Everyday we made something new, and delivered beautiful arrangements for her customer’s. I learned that people could convey a message of hope, joy, and love through my mother’s creations. Unknowingly, I witnessed the power of using visual images to convey messages. With this same spirit I hope to inspire and excite people with my poetry, and visual artwork.
 I am the proud mother of twin boys! Through their eyes I find inspiration and new perspectives everyday.

As a Teacher….

I teach “Hearts and Crafts” workshops locally at the William Hicks Community Center in Wilmington, De, and online.

Hearts and Crafts workshops were created out of my desire to teach arts and crafts that taught spiritual and moral principles to youth and adults. Some of my workshops include

“My Cowrie Shell Waist Beads”
“Mirror, Mirror of My Mind”
“Reflect, Release, Rebirth”


Peace and Blessings,

Kristin Alana
follow me on twitter @blissfulbanter


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