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Book Review: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

I recently finished Octavia Butler’s book “Wild Seed” I look forward to the rest of the series!!!! It was phenomenal, check out my video for more information on the book, and my experience.


I am Your Gaurd: Book Review by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Title: I am Your Guard
Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Rating & Review:

I would give this book a 3/5 a small book, pocket-size really. However, if you are in to Archangel Michael and want to connect with him more. Prophet offers decrees, meditations and other formulas to connect with his energy. She really goes in to what she calls the “Cosmic Protection of the Angels” and it reminds me of an Archangel Michael 101 kind of book. Ok, if you want to know a little more, but nowhere near exhaustive.


Book Review: Painting the Future

Painting the Future: 

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A tales of Everyday Magic Novel

By Louise Hay & Lynn Lauber
Pages: 124
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN:  1401937810

Book Blurb:

Jonathan Langley’s life took a devastating turn when he lost
his eyesight to a rare illness. Once a successful painter and
printmaker, Jonathan now lives in complete darkness, rarely leaving
his apartment and angry at the world. When he encounters his
precocious 11-year-old neighbor, Lupe, the two form an unlikely
friendship. Her cheerful presence shatters his hardened exterior,
revealing a gentle man struck by tragedy. Lupe leads him to a fresh
perspective by showing him the power of kindness, compassion, and
Based on the celebrated teachings of Louise Hay, Painting the
Future explores the power of positive thinking in healing past
struggles and learning to live a joyful, heart-centered life.

My Review:

In this story we meet two powerful characters that represent the best and worst of us at a very real level. Lupe a pleasant and curious 11-year-old meets Jonathan Langley a blind neighbor. Through her persistence and an optimism like children have, they develop a friendship. Trust me, Jonathan Langley did not want it, he is hardened by the hand life has dealt him, and does not want to open up. However, the innocence of a child is not match for Langley’s tough exterior. I enjoyed this book for two reasons.

1. I can identify with both characters: I mean really if you were honest with yourself you have been in Langley’s shoes; maybe not on the same level, but surely could head that direction. You know where! You get snippy, don’t want to be bothered with people, shut everyone off. This is usually the time someone like Lupe enters your life. Someone who can melt that hard exterior like butter!!

2. It shows that even the hardest things to get over, even when you feel like life has let you down, there is still hope! I love a good happy ending!

The book, was a quick read so if you are a fast reader you can finish it in a day, or afternoon. But, if you are like me, you like to hang on to every word and really snuggle up with the characters. Either way I think this is a great read, with a positive message!

Much Bliss & Blessings


Book Review: Psychic Healing with Spirit Guides and Angels

Psychic Healing with Spirit Guides and Angels by Diane Stein

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Book Blurb:

 A seekers’ guide to hands-on and psychic healing, this comprehensive book presents a complete program of soul development for self-healing, healing with others, and Earth healing.

Information increases from beginning to advanced techniques, a full course in psychic healing.  Skills include meditation, visualization, the chakras and aura, energy work, spirit guides, hands on healing, emotional release, crystal work, distance healing.  Advanced skills include healing karma and past lives, soul retrieval, releasing spirit attachments, dissolving cords and hooks, understanding and aiding the death process–and much more.

My Opinion:
This book spoke to me on so many levels, it is ideal for any person who has had a psychic sense for a long time and did not know how to harness it, use it, or enhance it. In this book Stein shares how to use your Psychic Gifts to heal yourself first and then humanity and the earth. A powerful book for women, but just as powerful for any person male or female who has a desire to heal from emotional traumas.

She also shares meditation practices, emotional healing and how they affect areas within the body creating dis-ease. This book is newly released under the title “Essential Psychic Healing”, however, I was in Seattle and bought a copy at Half-Price Books for a few bucks and it has served as a wonderful resource for me.

This book is great for intermediate learners and even beginners!

Book Review: Ascension by Susan Shumsky

Ascension: Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light
by Susan Shumsky

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Book Blurb:

Ascension leads you into the depths of your being to recover what might be called your higher self, guardian angel, inner guru, spiritual guide, master-teacher, or God within. You will meet and consciously communicate with deities, angels, archangels, and masters from worldwide traditions, as well as divine beings personal and unique to you. All of them are eager to meet and communicate with you

My Review:

I am a fan of Susan Shumsky having read another title of her titled “Miracle Prayer” she knows how to gather information and explain loftly spiritual principles in a real down to earth kind of way! In Ascension she follows her same style! Giving an introductory into all of the major spiritual disciplines and the deity/guardians/guides/Gods that govern each discipline. She also provides wonderful guided meditations and exercises for the layperson to raise their consciousness and ascend.

So if you want to be able to transcend the limits and bound of this plane and ascend, or you have a desire to learn about avatars/ascended masters/ guides you need to add Shumsky’s book to your collection. I highly recommend her work. It is phenomenal!

Book Review: Intuitive Way

Intuitive Way by Penney Pierce

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Book Blurb:

When intuition is in full bloom, life takes on a magical, effortless quality; your world is suddenly full of synchronicities, creative insights, and abundant knowledge. Through an easy-to-understand ten-step course, The Intuitive Way shows you how to enter that state of perceptual aliveness and integrate it into daily life to achieve greater natural flow. Author Penney Peirce synthesizes teachings from psychology, East-West philosophy, religion, metaphysics, and business. In simple and direct language, Peirce describes the intuitive process as a new way of life and demonstrates practical applications from speeding up decision-making to expanding personal growth. Whether you’re just beginning to search for a richer, fuller life experience or are looking for more subtle, sophisticated insights about your spiritual path, The Intuitive Way will be your companion as you progress through the stages of intuition development toward grasping your soul’s purpose.

My Review:

Intuition and it’s development is one of my favorite topics. Why? I am an intuitive! Pierce has goes over developing your intuition. She explains that we all have an intuitive mind. All we have to do is work it! The book is setup in three parts

Part 1: Creating a Clear Lens
Part 2: Accessing Subtle Information
Part 3: Making Intuition Useful

In Creating a clear lens Pierce walks you through exercises to get rid of all that stankin ol’ rotten thinking!!! Fears, doubts and mindsets that are creating cobwebs get a nice spring cleaning.

In Accessing Subtle Information Pierce teaches how to listen to our bodies for subtle clues and nudges. These clues give us a way to access extra information that is always around but we don’t pay attention to it.

In Making Intuition Useful Pierce provides examples and scenarios for us to access intuition and use it in our everyday lives.

This book is a great introductory for people who want to develop their intuition, or have a desire to sharpen their skills. I believe beginners, and adepts alike can benefit from her book!