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Let go & Let Flow….I never knew I had a fear of heights….until I met Mt. Rainier

I never knew that until I went for a fun filled drive to Mt. Rainier last week. Being from the Northeast and coming to the Northwest has been quite a culture shock. Both places are beautiful, but I was not used to all of the hills and heights around these parts….lol. Well last week was my crash course initiation into Northwest living.

Mt. Rainier.

This mountain is absolutely beautiful! Regal. Ancient. Magical!

I just was wondering as we drove up the mountain…..Where are the guard rails? They had a few wooden ones, but I mean at 5,000 feet up on a swirly curve with nothing but cliff two feet away from your tires you might hope for a little steel. I am just saying.

Since I was not driving I had no control over how fast we were going. Have you ever been in the passenger side of a car and wished for the second brake they used to have on the cars at driver’s ed? Well, I was stomping my imaginary brake the whole time.

My fear almost ruined the trip. I am serious! My guide said “I was getting on their nerves”….Shoot, I was getting on my own at one point I had to decide

Either you going to keep your eyes glued shut and miss the beauty of the mountain. Or, you can just let go, and trust that everything will be o.k.

Well, since you are reading this post you learned one thing. I made it down off the mountain, and I also learned how to let go.

It is amazing how tense the body gets when we are trying to control everything. Instead of just letting go, and experiencing things as they come. I mean really, what can you control? What is truly secure? Is it all an illusion? These are all questions my drive up Mt. Rainier forced me to examine within myself.

So while my host who took me to the mountain was rolling their eyes in the back of their head, I was having a serious metaphysical moment within myself. I was facing myself truly!

….and it was not pretty.

The truth is I was missing out on all of that experience because I was too scared to let go! It made me wonder what else in my life am I scared to let go of, and allow things to just flow?

What about You?

Here are some pictures that show just how letting go, allowed me to open up to the possibilities and the blessings of what is all around us!





Bliss & Blessings

Kristin Alana



Reflection Inventory: 10 Minutes a day to Unlocking Peace & Facing Your Fears

Today, I will be teaching one of the techniques I have created in my soon to be launched “Reflect, Release, Rebirth” Program. It is called “Reflection Inventory”

Everyone is running around to this appointment, and that appointment. They are rushing to work, rushing home, and rushing to eat. We are so busy rushing, we forget to take time to just be still. Ask yourself. When is the last time you took a look around? When is the last time you embraced the beautiful surroundings of nature? When is the last time you had overflowing peace in your life? I found peace and it did not cost me a whole lot of money, or even time. I found peace within myself but first I had to get quiet. I mean really quiet. I turned off my cell phone. I had to reflect. I found peace and blessings in the stillness of nature. I want to teach you how I did it.

I am going to show you one of my techniques called “Reflection Inventory” this technique will show you how meditation can unlock your inner peace, and it only takes 10 minutes a day. Meditation is an ancient practice going way back as far as Egypt. I personally believe the Ancient Egyptians got it right when they said “If you want to study the ways of God, study Nature” (my translation). It is something about meditating in nature, that if you get quiet and still enough you can truly appreciate the lessons that nature can provide. with numerous benefits I might add. The practice of meditation is simple, flexible and you can do it wherever you are, and whenever you can. You don’t need fancy music or incense, although it does add to the ambience. All you need to meditate are the things I share in my “Reflection Inventory” technigue.

1. Imagination
2. Breath
3. Presence
4. Paper

It is really that simple. So let me walk you through each step so you can maximize your meditation time. First, if you can find a nice spot outside in your backyard even. Don’t have one? Go to the park. So, find a nice spot and sit with your legs crossed on the ground, or in a chair if you prefer. Make sure your posture is correct and body is relaxed. Now, I know that may sound simple but for some of us who have been tense all day, we have to remind ourselves to relax. So, while sitting mentally let go of all of your cares and worries. Relax your legs, torso, arms, shoulders, neck, and face. Take a full deep breath in, and a deep breath out. Repeat your deep breaths until your body is completely relaxed.

The next thing you will want to do is tap into your imagination. I want you to think of your favorite symbol. Could be a flower, sign or shape and you are going to visualize it. For me I love books, so I picture an old worn journal in my mind. I picture it opening and closing, pages turning, the texture, smell and feel of the book. For you, you could love flowers, so visualize that. Think of the petals, the fragrance of the flower the color and texture. Now, I know what you are thinking! I thought we were supposed to be meditating, but guess what….at this point you are meditating. You are clearing your mind of all other thoughts that are distracting, and once you get to this part, I want you to let go of the image you were focusing on. Your mind should be relaxed and ready. Ready for what? Ready to Release! Now, take this time to breathe deeply, inward and out, breathe deeply for ten slow deep breaths. After you have finished take out a sheet of paper and write down all of the things you need take inventory of. Don’t worry and do not over think it! To start this process write down questions like:

Am I doing what makes me happy?
What/Who is Blocking my Peace?
How can I do something that will bring Peace today?
Is their a lesson in nature I can apply to my situation?

If you are meditating by trees, some meditation questions are:

What is keeping me grounded?
Am I producing healthy fruit in all areas of my life?

Do I feel withered in my career?

If you are meditating by water, some meditation questions are:

Do I need to let something go?
Is my purpose crystal clear?
What needs to be made new in my life?

If you are meditating by a mountain, some meditation questions are:

What obstacles am I trying to overcome?
Is someone/something in my way?
How can I reach the top of this endeavor?

These questions are just creative prompts, so you can ask your own questions, or sometimes let the questions come to you.

You will be surprised at how much information will flow forth in ten minutes times. In fact what I found is once you quiet your mind and allow yourself this opportunity to meditate you will be surprised at what comes forth, and won’t want to stop. If you practice the “Reflection Inventory” technique for 7 days, you will most likely be hooked!

10 minutes to Peace Roadmap: 

Find a Quiet Place in nature preferably
Grab a pen and paper
Relax your body and breathe

It is really that simple!

Much Bliss and Blessings!

Comment below if you enjoyed this post, share this technique with your friends as well!

“Reflection Inventory is the first part of my “Reflect Release Rebirth” program, come back next week for the second part “Release and Be Free”: 10 minutes of letting go.

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I took this picture at Mt. Rainier last week! What a journey, powerful meditation. I added my favorite Rumi quote in photoshop and I love it! 

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